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Show and Tell | Anastasia + Cody’s Engagment Session
Show & Tell: Official Blahhg of Jessica Maher Photography
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Anastasia + Cody’s Engagment Session

“I really want cows”

Anastasia says to me over a box of mini cupcakes as we discuss their engagement session. “We can get you some cows” I said. Friends of friends, old next door neighbors with my husband, friends of client friends and now, new friends. It was like 6 degrees of separation with these two. They brought their parents to our initial meeting- which I LOVED. Super fun to get to know everyone before the day of the wedding. **PRO-TIP** include your family in wedding planning, but only if they are as cool as this family.

So anywhoo- I love this couple.  We laugh so much and I hope I get to be the one to document their lives forever. And by the way, I did manage to find cows but we were afraid to get super up close and personal and kiss their noses and scratch their ears etc so they are just little blurry dots in the background. But they are there.

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