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Show and Tell | Caitlyn & Timothy, Goleta Ca. Wedding
Show & Tell: Official Blahhg of Jessica Maher Photography
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Caitlyn & Timothy, Goleta Ca. Wedding

Tim & Caitlyn Goebel

When you take a South Dakota raised mid-western boy and introduce him to a California native beach bunny, sparks are bound to fly. These two are the icon of beautiful All American Love Dream Team. How do I know this? I’ll tell ya.

Tim & Caitlyn were my saviors when my wedding caterer informed me that he had two cooks quit and wouldn’t be able to cater my wedding. No big deal right? Typically- no. No sweat. But this? This transpired THE WEEK OF MY WEDDING. I’m literally swearing and dialing, googling, praying and thinking we either A) won’t eat. B) order pizza?? C) Sell a kidney¬†on the black market and just pray someone over priced will show up and feed our guests. Things were looking like- BAD. “Can wine, beer & cake be considered a main with two sides.”? We freaked a little.

Then BAM- the stars aligned and the BBQ Gods shined their light on us and meat happened. It was some of the best meat and fixin’s we (and our guests) had ever enjoyed. 100 Million Bonus points.

So naturally, they were amazing and just so happened to be engaged and looking for a wedding photographer. It was a match made in BBQ heaven, the rest is history.

If you haven’t had Neighbor Tim & NTBBQ Queen’s delicious food, I suggest you get on it. They are on Instagram, check them out https://www.instagram.com/neighbortimsbbq/ and give that brisket a holler. Not a meat lover? That’s ok, they don’t take it personally and their Mac N Cheese is da bomb. You can thank me later.




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