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Show and Tell | Holly & Chad’s Intimate Backyard Wedding
Show & Tell: Official Blahhg of Jessica Maher Photography
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Holly & Chad’s Intimate Backyard Wedding

I love backyard weddings. It just feels so laid back, more personal and there is something to be savored about photographing a wedding that is at the client’s home. Exploring, checking out what music they listen to, looking at all of their worldly possessions, collections, photos on the wall. Raiding their refrigerator. Hanging out in the bathroom with the bride for 2 hours while she does her make up. Thing like this leave me with a deeper connection to who they are as I capture this memory in their personal space. I find that they are more at ease too, and its like a BBQ pool party, but like-fancy. Sign me up for 43 more of them in 2017. Thanks!

Chad is the drummer for the band 311 (20 year old me attended quite a few 311 shows and still totally believes that Amber really is the color of her energy). Anyway- he bought this house in the early 20’s from the original owner and I love that its basically the way its always been. 1970’s style ranch house with a killer view that expands across the valley and looks right at the mountains. The light was gorgeous the day before as I scouted the property. The weather on the actual wedding day was totally faking me out that it would rain buckets on us (it didn’t) but I was watching the sun hide behind the dark clouds off and on as it set and all of that glorious dusky light that I could spread on warm toast was slipping through my hands like precious drops of water in a desert. Meaning- time and the sky were not on my side. But we did our best. I love moody dark images and its good to be challenged. The ability to adapt to the situation and still make a beautiful image using only what you have to work with is priceless. Never let go of that skill, never get lazy or complacent. Push yourself to be better every time, this what I tell myself. You can do anything you want.    Holly_Chad-26-blog-19 Holly_Chad-30-blog-18

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