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Show and Tell | Jennifer & Andrew, Cold Spring Tavern Wedding; Santa Barbara, CA.
Show & Tell: Official Blahhg of Jessica Maher Photography
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Jennifer & Andrew, Cold Spring Tavern Wedding; Santa Barbara, CA.

Over the 154 and hidden inside of the mountains…

Lies a local treasure.  A historic landmark from the old Santa Barbara stagecoach route in the 1880’s. At first glance its a biker bar, but really- its a nostalgic SB local spot that’s gained popularity over the years as being a great place to spend a Sunday and hang out, have some bbq, enjoy a live band and relax with a drink.

To me, its an ideal spot for a wedding. So when Jennifer contacted me to photograph her wedding and told me the location, I was all for it. Cold Spring holds a really special place in my heart. As a kid, my parents would bring me along to spend weekend afternoons hanging with their friends and watch whoever’s band was playing that week. Back then, they all knew each other and it was a real “locals only” crowd. Divey and authentic. A real good crowd.  Now that Cold Spring’s is more on the grid, you’re likely to see the guys who have been going there religiously for the past 40+ years, their adult kids, grand kids and lots of tourists who want to check it out. I love seeing the place thrive, making money and becoming a destination. Seeing it close would be the saddest day ever.

Jennifer & Andy had a super chill wedding, that was 100% a reflection of their personal interests and style (which always thrills me when people do what the hell they WANT and its not a “pinterest” wedding). I adored the fact that they  appreciated the location so much that they came up from the Orange County area to have their wedding in our gorgeous neck of the woods.  My personal favorite highlights: A magician from the Magic Castle. Ok- first of all, why hasn’t EVERYONE done this?? He was SO great, it was like 100 degrees and he rocked a full blown 3 piece wool suit and bowler hat the entire time. His card tricks and slight of hand were such a fun treat for the guests. I even got to play for one trick. I love him. I want him at my next party for sure. Honetly, if they had pony rides too, it would have been my favorite wedding of the year. Second fave: Hand forged goblets from the Ren Faire. Bejeweled Dragons on your wedding glass is badass. Other highlights- My amazingly talented & hilarious friends at Renee’s Bouquet did the florals. We got to hang during set-up ( I hanged- they worked and sweated). Handwritten vows (always the best), heart-felt speeches and so many good people that were so complimentary of our efforts. It was an awesome feeling to know that I was part of this wedding. I love that.

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