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Show and Tell | Katie & Patrick’s Wedding // Los Olivos, CA.
Show & Tell: Official Blahhg of Jessica Maher Photography
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Katie & Patrick’s Wedding // Los Olivos, CA.

Katie and Patrick’s wedding was held at Patrick’s childhood home, in the quaint town of Los Olivos, CA. This was my first wedding of the season, I was eager to be back in the saddle and bring my best game for these guys. They are mellow yet to the point, know what they want and best of all trusted my instincts and just let me create which is EVERYTHING. The tall oat field was a backdrop to die for and I shot in it multiple times through the day. Everything from the way Katie looked like she was floating in a sea of gold, to the way it gently rustled in the warm breeze mixed with the sweet smell like Spring time was heaven. Bees and Cicadas buzzing, laughter from childhood friends, good old boys drinking beer and reminiscing, family from near and far enjoying local cuisine, kids playing and blowing bubbles. Like something out of a fairytale, it was a perfect day for these two.

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