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Show and Tell | Lauren & Gregg; Mission Santa Ines Wedding
Show & Tell: Official Blahhg of Jessica Maher Photography
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Lauren & Gregg; Mission Santa Ines Wedding

Two words-” Mariachi Parade” and/or “Cigar Bar”. Let those two party essentials (am I right)?! Sink in…

A passion for authenticity and details like no other, Lauren was hand lettering her table numbers the night before, designed & did the calligraphy for her invitation suite (check out Ranchera Letters on Insta) She wore a Spanish veil that was worn by many generations of women before her, and oh yeah- her mother used rain water and freaking sunshine to brighten it (literally- and I never knew this trick and I want to try it). Like- This family would make Martha Stewart feel like a disheveled soccer mom holding a busted box of girl scout cookies in the middle of a burning Wal-Mart. Maybe that sounds extreme but its the truth.

Every single detail was considered, well thought out. Incredible manners, authentic, gracious. My favorite.

The family property, a Los Alamos Ca. Rancho that was built during the 1800’s. Back when California was still Mexican territory. On this dream land is a historic adobe with incredible décor and light. The inspiration for the wedding palette was pulled from a hand embroidered shawl that belonged to the bride’s great-great grandmother (her portrait in front of the shawl is below). it sits mounted, under glass in the sitting room of the adobe. I mean…. legit is an understatement and I was almost late to the wedding because I couldn’t stop clicking away in this place.

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