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Show and Tell | Nicole & Austin’s Woodsy Engagement Session, Goleta CA.
Show & Tell: Official Blahhg of Jessica Maher Photography
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Nicole & Austin’s Woodsy Engagement Session, Goleta CA.

I met Nicole and Austin through Nicole’s Mom, Tammy who is my women’s business networking group. Tammy and Nicole love the LA Dodgers just as much, (if not MORE) than my husband (which by the way- I did not think was possible). Nicole wanted a woodsy look for the engagement photos, which was scheduled for a few days before Christmas and this particular spot immediately came to mind. Lush green redwoods and grass (gold landscape is great and all, but I LOVE some green here and there). This park is fabulous for lifestyle sessions, but I have to admit that I did get caught by the ranger for hoping a small fence, and stepping foot in a special tree habitat… Oopsies. BUT in my defense- the signs were so ugly, I didn’t bother to read them. So there’s that. Also- my motto for on location shooting is “ask for forgiveness, not permission”. The park ranger forgave me and we even had time to catch the best winter sunset (BEST sunset of 2016). So I was extra thrilled to be shooting in the almost basically pitch black, milking that neon pink light for all it was worth. Two more big scoops of that please!



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Aren’t they cute?!?!.

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