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Show and Tell | ’16 going on ’17
Show & Tell: Official Blahhg of Jessica Maher Photography
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’16 going on ’17

I’m going to kick off 2017 with a post about my last shoot of 2016. Annnnnd, while a ton of people really didn’t love 2016, (the loss of David Bowie, Prince, and Gene Wilder were pretty sad for me, I grew up on all that they created, not to mention the election that was a circus and ended traumatically for so many, then a whole generation lost their first crush when Princess Leia went.) BUT all that aside, overall, for me both professionally and personally- it was a really great year. Lots of good happened (hello, intro to Motherhood) and being consistently booked every week. So I’m raising the bar even higher for this year, having a daughter in t-minus 6 weeks and its all looking so amazing already.

Behold, the De La Guerra Adobe, built in 1830. Big gnarled granddaddy oak trees, cattle, mules & horses. Prickly pears (that I totally got in my finger tips-oopsies). Two people who are very much in love, gracious and enjoy a good sip of fine tequila and laugh at the same things I laugh at, like dogs taking poops in the back ground of a photo.

Lauren & Gregg; Old Adobe Rancho Engagement, Los Alamos CA.

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