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Show and Tell | Kathryn & Brian’s Riviera Mansion Wedding; Santa Barbara
Show & Tell: Official Blahhg of Jessica Maher Photography
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Kathryn & Brian’s Riviera Mansion Wedding; Santa Barbara

A mellow day, filled with love, and so many touches of Kathryn & Brian’s personality

My list of the highlights

A freaking old creepy gorgeous MANSION. Filled with antiques.  Portraits of dudes in velvet coats. Low light. A library. My kind of place.

A floral wedding gown. I mean come on! Bold, colorful, not your average gown. Like, oh hey Carrie Bradshaw at a fabulous Vogue garden party. I DIG IT.

A celebratory shot of whiskey during the ceremony, provided by the best man. HELLO, you guys rule.

A fun and creative first dance. Cheeky, cool Father+Daughter dance. Epic “Night at the Roxbury” Mother+Son dance.

A slow meal. Gahd Damn! I love a slow meal. The wine, the food, the conversation. Gimme a long dinner like this any day.

A great balance of hilarious and deeply moving speeches. So, the best man/groom’s brother literally has someone call him on his cell phone to kick off  the intro of his speech. It was clever. He also threw in that Brian cried watching Dante’s Peak because he thought the dog doesn’t make it. Classic.

When it comes to your wedding celebration, whatever that looks like to you-

You have the choice. You can just pick and choose all the stuff you see on pinterest that in 2042 will totally be the equivalent of 1980’s puffy sleeve wedding dresses.  OR….

You can be thoughtful, select artists. Vendors and people to create this day for your memories to be so personal and so intimate that literally nothing tops it in your wildest dreams.

Taking the time to really soak in where you are.

Never wanting it to end.

Wishing you could do it all over again a hundred million times.

This is the stuff I live for

Nothing ordinary about it. It was beautiful- and SO. MUCH. FUN.



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